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Pomeranian — Age 8
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My 4 legs daughter
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All here
One of my 4 legs daughters has terrible teeth problem and I think normal dog food is not fit her, because she never chew and sometimes spit out a whole complete of dog food. I try to give the beef receipts as a starter to her,and i found she love it. And i think the honest kitchen will more easier to digestion.
That is a pomoranian. And I have 2 more poodle. They do not have dental problem but they are very paticular about their food! That make me sick. And make me headack everyday. Sometimes they do not eat the dog food for 2 or 3 day. They are very tiny and weights about 6lbs. But at the first time I gave them the honest kitchen,they ate it up. That was impossible and were difficult to image before!But to tell the truth,for human,I do not like the smell of your product,however,my doggie love them,so I would continue to buy them.
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