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Havanese — Age 3
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Kaylie has always had food sensitivities to grains. We switched her over to a grain free kibble after doing a lot of research on food. Most of her hotspots cleared up, but she still bit at her nail beds. She also had a couple issues with the amount of fat in her diet (she developed pancreatitis) despite being on a kibble that was by no means "high in fat" relatively speaking, so the vet suggested feeding her a diet containing less than 10% fat. Finding a kibble with less than 10% fat and grain free was a struggle, but I did find one. A year later, the vet suggested that she still needed to lose a pound. Short of feeding her a lesser amount of food where she was still hungry, we had trouble accomplishing this. Then a friend recommended raw - ever since feeding Kaylie raw food, her hotspots are gone and she no longer bites at her nail beds. She's also lost that extra pound, and the vet thinks she is the perfect weight! I love having a healthy, happy dog.
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