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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 12
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Kelsey celebrating New Years
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Kelsey celebrating New Years
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I have a 12 year old mastiff/sheepdog, Kelsey, that had been eating less and less. When I clipped her down, I saw that she had lost a lot of weight and was very skinny. We took Kelsey to the vet to find out what was the problem, and after they weighed her, her back legs collapsed. Kelsey could no longer walk! This, of course meant that she could no longer go outside to relieve herself. We started taking her outside using a gait belt to hold up her back end.

After further examination and x-rays at the vet, we found out that the cartilage in the vertebrae of her lower back was completely deteriorated. We got the same diagnosis from two different vets, who suggested that we should put her out of her pain. Still, I wouldn't give up on her.

Since she refused eat or drink anything, I syringe fed her 3 times a day for almost 2 weeks using a blended formula of her high quality dry dog food and the Honest Kitchen samples that I initially got. After almost two weeks, she started getting up on her own, and, over time, could even go up and down stairs.

It has now been almost 8 weeks since she was unable to walk, and she is even better than she was before the incident. We have continued to add the Honest Kitchen foods to her dry dog food, and she is ready and waiting as I mix the food for her. She loves these foods, and is eating better than she has in a while. She is also gaining weight and starting to look good again. She even has the energy to chase the cat now and then. I really think that the Honest Kitchen foods helped to save my dog's life, and will continue to use them for as long as we have Kelsey with us.
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