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Shiba Inu — Age 11
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like a curious bunny

We adopted Kenu less than two months ago, and we were told by the shelter that he likely has early onset of kidney disease. But we were also told that because they caught it early, with regular exercise and a healthy diet, he should live a healthy life with us. At already 11 years old, it was critical that we find a healthful diet for Kenu; we want as many years as we can with him! After scouring the internet, reading more articles on canine kidney disease than I ever thought I would, and watching "Pet Fooled," it became infinitely clear that Honest Kitchen would be the best fit for Kenu.

He absolutely loves the food, and it brings me great peace of mind knowing that I'm feeding him something nutritious and good for him. I believe his coat has become shinier, and he has more frequent, solid bowel movements (sometimes three times a day!). One of the MOST notable changes is his water consumption. Previously, Kenu was put on Hill's Prescription K/D diet (wet and dry), and though he loved that, too (I think he just loves food), it made him very, very thirsty. He would drink a ton of water and had to relieve himself several times a day. I worried that his water intake was linked to his kidney functions, but it was definitely because of the food. Ever since Kenu has started eating Honest Kitchen, he doesn't have to drink nearly as much water. This made it clear that the his previous diet was dehydrating him, which is ironic and scary because it's a so-called "prescription diet" for dogs with kidney disease.

I also really love how many healthful ingredients are packed into every box. Kenu needs lots of good quality protein, potassium, and low phosphorus. Making Kenu homemade food on my own to meet these dietary needs would have been impossible for various reasons, and Honest Kitchen solves all of my problems. Having such a solid foundation makes it easier to add toppers and the occasional treat because what's most important has already been taken care of. We will be feeding Honest Kitchen to Kenu as long as he is with us!

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