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Weimaraner — Age 10
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I can't even believe this product has solved all of my girl's problems and literally overnight!!! For six long months I spent thousands on vet bills to try and help my girl get rid of her fever and diarrhea and nausea. She spent more than 4 of the six months on antibiotics and each time we weaned her off them she went right back to being sick again. We tried I/d, z/d, and home cooked bland foods. Nothing, and I mean nothing worked until now. I ordered the Zeal, probiotics, digestive supplement, and treats. The day I received it, I followed directions to give half and half and my girl ate around her food to eat the Zeal. I was sure it would take days for her to see a difference in how she felt, but I was absolutely shocked when the next day the diarrhea was gone completely. She has now been eating Zeal for 3 days and she has no fever, no nausea, and NO diarrhea! I am one happy mamma and she is one happy pooch. She loves the food and the fish skin treats so much and feels back to her old self. Thank you THK, I can't thank you enough for producing such a high quality food!!! All the best from, Nicole and Kiara.
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