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Mastiff — Age 1
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Kings Story

I would like to tell you about King's Story. We bought our English mastiff puppy from a breeder out of state. It was not until we got him home & tried to feed him that we new something was wrong. He could not hold his food down. Our new puppy was getting sick 20-30 times a day (no exaggeration).
After three vet visits and my husband & I pleading, the vet did a barium and discovered our boy had "mega esophagus". The barium immediately showed them Kings food was not reaching his tummy. His artery from his heart was grown over his esophagus and preventing his food from getting to his belly.
This is when we talked to our local pet store about Honest Kitchen. We had to find something more than formula and chicken broth that King could hold down. Honest kitchen was a miracle food! He was actually able to gain 4 pounds in three days!!!
King has since had surgery and is doing great. King eats 8 cups of honest kitchen a day & goes through two 10 pound boxes a week. He's on your grain free diet & loves it.
I truly appreciate the quality and highly recommend this food. It's literally been a lifesaver for our mastiff. We can't thank you enough!!!

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