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KnickKnack and PaddyWhack

Boston Terrier — Age 10
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Coming Home Day Our Little Girls
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KnickKnack PaddyWhack
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PaddyWhack KnickKnack
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PaddyWhack KnickKnack 11 days old when we picked out our puppies.
I started feeding Honest Kitchen to these two Love Bugs about 2 months ago. We've always struggled to keep at optimum weight. Also, some minor liver issues, but well under control.
Another major issue was PaddyWhack's throat. She had surgery just over a year ago on her soft palate. Since then I have hand fed her two or three kibbles at a time. Even so, I have nearly lost her twice due to choking. Spoon feeding her Honest Kitchen has removed all my fear of her choking to death.
KnickKnack eats hers from her bowl. They both love... LOVE Honest Kitchen. The sounds Knicky makes while she eats it is why we now call the food "Love Whimpers".
I buy both the Grain Free and the Regular in all the flavors. But, I don't think I'll buy the Fish & Coconut again. They loved it, I didn't care for the smell.
I buy the Pecks, Nuzzles and Smooches Treats. They are a hit.
Their coats even look better. I was a little concerned that with such a wet food that their stools would be too soft. They are as firm as ever.
This is the food they will always eat, I'm a believer and I tell all my dog owning friends.
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