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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 13
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For years, Kobe suffered from loose bowels, irritated ears and dry itchy skin. We eliminated Science Diet (recommended by the vet) when we learned that many dogs are allergic to grains and switched to another all-natural food. His issues were better for a while but they came back eventually, along with weight gain and low energy. When we moved to a new home, we found an all-natural pet food store and they introduced us to Honest Kitchen's Force. From the moment we mixed the food both our dogs, Kobe and Pookah, went crazy waiting for us to put the food bowls down. They inhaled it faster than we'd ever seen. They love their food and can't wait for every meal. Kobe's stool firmed up within a week and we stopped using the ear cleaner as his ears were better and we've not needed it since. He's lost some weight and is as trim and energetic as he was years ago. Both dogs have beautiful glossy coats, lots more energy and they seem happier than they've been in a while.. We're so thankful for Honest Kitchen and recommend it to everyone who has dogs. Now we're going to try the cat food for our cats.
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