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Whippet — Age 2
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I used to have really stinky breath and farts that could clear a room. I would also make tons of really stinky poop. After my mom got tired of me pooping constantly and farting everywhere she educated herself on a holistic raw diet but was very confused about where to start with all of it. She wanted to be sure I was getting a balanced diet when switching to a homemade raw diet. After trying different products she discovered honest kitchen kindly base mix which made a homemade raw diet easy as can be. Just add meat to the base mix for a complete diet. After switching me over to raw food with an honest kitchen base mix all of my stinky problems completely went away. Now my teeth are white as can be , my breath smells fresh, my coat is way more soft and I make way less poop which has almost no odor ! All of these benefits and mom has the assurance of knowing that I am getting all of the vitamins and nutrients I need to stay healthy!
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