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Kona Bean

Labrador Retriever — Age 1
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Giving my Babies the Love that they Deserve!
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Kona Bean LOVES to Swim!!
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Just Chillin' .... Such Good Girls
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In Memory of Cocoa & Kayla
So, prior to my current babies, Kona Bean and Bear, I had 2 dogs that I loved very dearly. I guess it was the food that made my little Kayla so sick. The Vets could not figure out what was wrong. Said that she had an auto-immune disease and had her on steroids for about 2 years. We finally found out that she had a tumor in her spleen and by the time we found it, Kayla was too weak to survive surgery. We had her put to sleep without letting our other dog, Cocoa (a chocolate lab) say good bye to her. I will never do that again with my pets. Cocoa did not understand where Kayla was. She would go outside and just cry this sad moaning cry. It broke my heart. Cocoa then developed a diarrhea issue that we could not get a handle on. We had her at the vet for a week straight. She stopped eating and we couldn't stop the process. She became septic and we had to put her to sleep.....3 weeks after we lost Kayla.
I know now that it was the food!!! We did not know. We thought that we were feeding them the best food. Pet food companies are very deceitful and most vets really do not know that kibble is bad for pets.
I had been making Kona & Bears food from scratch until I found "The Honest Kitchen". I wasn't sure that I was giving them everything that they needed. The books about it were confusing. I use the base mix and they both love it!! I now know that they are getting the food, vitamins and minerals that they need to keep them healthy.
Thank You "Honest Kitchen" for making it easier for me and giving my babies the food that they love and deserve!♥!♥!♥!♥
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