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Siberian Husky — Age 8
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Kota cant eat commercial dog food due to epilepsy.
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Kota has his own bottle of wine. Proceeds go toward his care
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Kota when he was 4
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Baby Kota, before he had developed his medical issues

Kota is a 8 year old epileptic Siberian Husky that resides at Animal Town Sanctuary in Temecula, California. Unlike traditional shelters that emphasize adoption, the purpose of Animal Town Sanctuary is to provide a lifetime of care and shelter for special needs and senior huskies. Kota fits the criteria because he is epileptic. He developed epilepsy when he was 2 years old. He has cluster seizures, meaning he suffers from multiple seizures in a small period of time. In Kotas case, he typically gets 3 Grand Mal seizures every 30 days. He loses control of his functions, collapses, and convulses for up to 2 minutes. His post seizure behavior usually consists of pacing for up to 6 hours. Because of his condition, he must be constantly monitored for his safety as well as the other “residents” ( huskies) of Animal Town.
He has been on either one or both PB and/ or Phenobarbitol since his very first seizure in 2009. The medicines have made no improvement in the amount of, length, or frequency of his seizures. We immediately put him on a grain free diet and saw a slight improvement in the amount of his seizures. Happy with the results we took it even further and decide to home cook his food. Then a friend told us about Honest Kitchen. It is the very same quality of food that we cook ourselves. So we made the switch! He went 5 months with no seizures for the first time in his life but sadly, they did return only not as severe as before.
Fearing long term liver damage, we would like to slowly reduce his western medicines and introduce eastern medicines which we also give him and now feel we have a pretty good balance going. Kota was given a donation by a generous ATS donor to visit a acupuncturist in Orange County. He liked it! Kota was very calmed by the entire experience and was given new medicines that he also takes with his PB and Pheno. We introduced Lepsylite, Skullcap, and a few other holistic medicines. We were not able to continue with the appointments due to cost and distance but would like to resume it in the near future. Kota and his owners prefer that route.

Kota is featured on a wine bottle at Oak Mountain Winery and 10% of the retail sales go to Kota’s care. Kota’s quality of life is very good. His seizures are “maintained” with all of the care, medicine, and attention he receives. He has one bad day every 30 days, the rest of the time he is relaxing under a tree on a 10 acre ranch with his brother and sister huskies. We will continue to care for our special man as long as he lets us.

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