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Australian Shepherd — Age 5
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Enjoying a warm Florida day by drying off after a bath in the fresh breeze.
My first dog Kylie, a Mini Australian Shepherd, is an amazingly sweet dog. She was a quick learner as a puppy and just such a gentle soul. Right before she turned 3 she suddenly became very ill. My dog didn't want to move, walk, she just wanted to lay there in her own vomit and give-up. I was prepared for the worst when I took her to the vet, my girl was going into renal failure. To this day the vet has no idea why her or what caused it. I was told when they took her back for a day of dialysis and flushing her system that the odds were not good. I got a call at lunch though and the vets were stunned. She was her happy, nub wagging self. When I went to pick her up the vet had done another test and her bloodwork came back normal and healthy. The vet insisted that she be put on a new diet, this "kidney" prescription wet diet. I took one look at the ingredients and knew I was not feeding her that. So I hunted around for a solution and learned that the best thing I can do is add water to her diet. Now you can't force a dog to drink but they do love to eat. Enter honest kitchen, I could add as much water as I wanted to her meals and she would be getting the extra fluids she needs to keep her kidneys going strong. 2 years later and she is doing great! She even shares her home with her baby sister Cleo (another mini aussie).
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