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Golden Retriever — Age 9
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Lammie Pajammie the sweetest boy !
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Lambert Summer 2012 just being 'cool"
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Lambert & Hobbes (RIP buddy)
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Just a fav pic of mine - Hobbes & Lambert with Santa
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Hobbes & Lambert sporting their Summer Haircuts :)
Lambert had environmental allergies (or so we suspected) for about 5 years, each year they would be worse. In 2009 he was diagnosed with a hypothyroid. Then in July 2011 a routine blood test showed his liver enzymes to be very high. The vet initially attributed that to an infection. However, after a few weeks his numbers climbed up to 300 (115 is where my vet's comfort level was), and she had us try a liver support med. That raised his enzymes to 391! She said to try milk thistle which dropped him down to 269. My other golden, Hobbes, was diagnosed with Colonic Lymphoma in Feb 12 which was when I did research & found THK - Embark. BEST DAY EVER. Lambert began eating Embark & continued with milk thistle. Within 1 month ... blood test were back & they were PHENOMENAL! His liver enzymes were at 100 (the proper level) and his thyroid had gotten so much better that my vet had to drop his daily dosage of thyroid meds!!! And he is completely off allergy meds too!! He had a new found energy & his overall health is impeccable!! Also, I have only seen a loose stool once in 16 months when it used to happen every few months. I 100% attribute Lambert's turnaround to Embark. Thank you Honest Kitchen !!!!!
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