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Bohemian Shepherd — Age 2
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When we first got Layla, our bohemian shepherd (best guess), she was about 10lb underweight, her coat was very dull, her eyes were sad. It didn't take us long to realize that she was having quite a bit of issues with her food-- diarrhea, vomiting, overall, just very sick. Her weight got even lower, and we were trying all different types of kibbles, spending $250+ a month on vet bills, and nothing would help her.

Finally, we switched to a raw diet, after we learned that she was allergic to chicken, but we wanted something more, to make sure she was getting the vitamins and minerals needed-- that's where THK came in.

We first tried it back when those free sample bundles were available, and then a friend bought us a box to continue it. She was still having problems with her ears, though, and we soon figured out it was yeast. We were ecstatic when you came out with the Kindly base mix-- no fruit!

Now, she has no ear issues, she's never sick, and we aren't spending $250 (that we didn't have to spare!) a month on vet bills, and we aren't spending just as much on kibble!

Thank you so much for making the Kindly base mix, it's made a massive change in our lives, and our dog is finally happy, sassy, and healthy! Since she is a service dog in training, she is finally able to focus fully on her training and her work, instead of feeling sick all of the time.

THK products Layla loves
  1. Dehydrated - Grain Free Veggie, Nut & Seed Base Mix (Kindly)

    Dog Food

    $30.99 - $59.99

    ★★★★★ (98)
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