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American Staffordshire Terrier — Age 2
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Clown car!
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Our four boys

When I found Leroy, he was depressed, emaciated, and had a number of health problems. Even as I began nursing him back to health I noticed his coat was still flaky, dull, and thinning out. The poor guy was only 7 months old and didn't have the best start in life. I switched him over to a raw diet first using Preference as his source of veggies because he does love his meaty raw bones. I eventually found that the healthy grains in Keen, Thrive, and Verve really help him fill out and also agree with his digestive system. I love that we can go out of town with or without our dogs and only have to fill up a bag full of THK rather than having to leave lengthy feeding instructions or finding local butchers to fulfill their dietary needs with the right portions of muscle, bones, fat, organs, etc.
Now, Leroy has the most amazing coat. So shiny and beautiful! All four of our dogs have benefited greatly from The Honest Kitchen products and as a dog care professional I have been able to convince many of my clients to make the switch from kibble to THK from Leroy's amazing transformation alone.

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