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Cocker Spaniel — Age 3
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From a Shelter Dog to a Show Dog!
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Before LOVE.
Elektra, now Lexy, was an emotional, as well as a physical wreck when I began fostering her in late August 2012. Her digestive system was totally destroyed from drinking dirty water, having a poor diet, and producing litters of puppies. Andrea, owner of Tailgait Market, Asheville, NC recommended The Honest Kitchen for Lexy. After a great deal of thought, I chose LOVE and supplements "Perfect Form" and "Invigor." This combination removed Lexy from a lifetime of a prescription diet to a lifelong healthy diet. I believe the photos are worth a thousand words. Yes, it is the same dog. It shows you what LOVE (food and emotion), can do. I adopted Lexy on September 12, 2012.
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