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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 10
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Liam being Liam. cuddler, groaner, talker and spoiled brat.
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Liam before his illness' "took hold" our little skinny Minnie with great hair.
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Liam during his up and down for about a year after his diagnosis'.
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Liam today.
Liam came to us at 4 months old from the island of Anguilla. His first hurdle would be a hernia then he was a baby that we had fixed when he was "fixed". At age 7 he had gotten so sick so fast we almost lost him and found out it was Addisons Disease. 1 month later he started having seizures. I started making him beef stew so he could take a few of his medicines. 4 per day 2x's a day for his seizures and another for his Addisons in addition to me giving him an injection each month! Due to the two types of illnesses he has we are running a very fine line for sodium that is needed for his Addisons and the additional sodium NOT needed for his seizures. It been a long row of trying this and that and everything in between. With 6 dogs in the house from 10 pounds to 55 and 4 years to 12 years trying to find a food that wouldn't break the bank but gave us what we needed for everyone we finally found The Honest Kitchen and we have tried different varieties but have been going with Keen for the last year. Fantastic food and I don't have to make as much of the home made food I was doing. We even have some weight loss that everyone needed!
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  1. Dehydrated - Whole Grain Turkey Recipe (Keen)

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