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English Springer Spaniel — Age 2
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We recently adopted Libby and switched over from kibble to The Honest Kitchen Keen. She had some anxiety issues when we first adopted her and the holistic vet suggested a turkey-based food for her due to the tryptophan it contains. He said this would be a natural way to deal with some of the anxiety and extra energy she has (along with lots of play time and walks). We have noticed a new calmness about her and the higher quality food with more moisture than her kibble seems to be working well. Her coat looks great, she has a lot of energy but less anxiety. Best of all, she and our other dogs love the food! We add the water and make it ahead of time, then put it in the fridge so it is easy to serve and the dogs don't have to wait around for preparation. We have also tried the chicken-based revel and it appears to be great for one of our other English Springer Spaniels. We plan on trying some of the other varieties for our other dogs but the turkey-based food is perfect for Libby! The quality of The Honest Kitchen appears to be very high. We chose the whole grain varieties for price reasons but have tried samples of the grain-free as well and would consider those too. We can't wait to try some of the other varieties in the future as well as the treats. Thank you Honest Kitchen for providing a healthy option we can be confident in...we love that the food is human quality and that you take such care in producing it.
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