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Other (dog) — Age 9
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Liebchen's first chemo treatment.
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Liebchen undergoing chemo
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Celebrating her 9th birthday
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Enjoying our time together.
During a routine follow-up for fibrotic myopathy, the vet felt swollen lymph nodes and we were given the bleak diagnosis of lymphoma and we were told that with chemo, we could expect having her with us only 6-8 months. We immediately began the CHOP protocol and a change in diet that included high protein, low carbs and because she had been plagued by skin issues her entire life, we chose Brave. It also seemed fitting because of how bravely she put forth her paw for weekly blood work and IVs full of toxic soups. Almost immediately, eating Brave, her skin improved.

Under the protocol, during each of the 4 cycles, she was prescribed cyclophosphamide - a drug she needed to take for 5 days. It is also recommended that she drink a lot of liquid to keep the kidneys flushed of the drug. THK was perfect. I would feed her small amounts of food several times per day but double the water. I also supplemented her meals with THK bone broth to encourage drinking and increase nutrient intake.

It has now been 9 months post diagnosis. Liebchen is in remission, her fibrotic myopathy is stable and her skin has never been better. I attribute our success to an amazing oncology team, my long-time veterinarian (and staff), lots of love and and the honest kitchen.
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