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Pit Bull — Age 2
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Pibble approved ! bye bye dandruff :)
I made it my mission to provide the best life for this pup - After learning about THK at my local pet store i fell in love with the idea of human grade food designed and balanced for dogs. Lets back up a little bit though- when we adopted Lilo she came with severe ear infection , itchy paws, and a bad case of dandruff ! we took care of her ears and paws but the skin issue was never resolved (we tried pretty much everything from different shampoos to coconut oil etc) nothing helped until I found THK ! Few weeks into feeding my girl Force I noticed that the amount of dandruff decreased significantly, i also noticed that she loved her food ! Unfortunately as the dandruff began disappearing - butt scooting started to show up ! : ( Lilo's ears became very itchy and she just looked uncomfortable for the first time since we got her. I assumed that it was because of the chicken (ever since we adopted her she has been eating high quality salmon kibble) I knew how much she liked the food though so i decided to try Brave.... let me tell you!!!!!!! this dog has never had healthier skin and coat- she does not smell - dandruff is gone and her coat is extra shiny and soft , Lilo's butt scooting ended as soon as I witched her from chicken, she has not had any problems with her ears and believe or not but her breath does not smell !( as stinky as Brave is, the scent goes away after few minutes) since putting chicken on hold I fed my girl Embark and Love , she has not had any reactions to the food, my pup is healthy which in the end makes me extremely happy !
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