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Schnauzer — Age 3
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About a year ago Lily was not feeling very well. She started having accidents in the house and after being treated for a UTI that wouldn't go away the vet found a large stone in her bladder. It was removed surgically and tested. It turned out to be struvite and the vet recommended prescription food. I did a lot of research and it didn't sit well with me. I kept her on her kibble but added wet food to it for added moisture. She became very sick and I rushed her to the vet one morning after vomiting up blood. Evidently the high quality wet food I was giving her had too much fat and triggered pancreatitis. These are both known problems with Miniature Schnauzers, but I never thought she'd end up with both. Lily had an expensive year! I tried to research recipes for making my own dog food but couldn't find any solid advice. I stumbled upon the honest kitchen and it seemed like a great idea. I could add whatever moisture I wanted and it was close to home made. I sent an email trying to figure out which product to use and the staff recommended verve. So far, Lily has been doing great. She gobbles up her food every day. I do add a little scoop of the dry kibble prescription food for texture and she seems to enjoy that. Her 13 year old lab mix sister seems to enjoy licking Lily's bowl clean. Thanks Honest Kitchen for keeping my dog out of the vet.

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  1. Dehydrated - Whole Grain Beef Recipe (Verve)

    Dog Food

    $22.99 - $74.99

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