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Bulldog — Age 5
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Sleeping like a baby!
Lola is the cutest English bulldog around! She has lots of wrinkles and fat rolls that I used to think were adorable! Though she is still adorable, I realized that she was getting extremely over weight and it was unhealthy for her. Bulldogs are prone to knee problems and her “obseseness” so-to-speak was getting out of hand. Another problem I noticed was her bad breath! How disgusting, I could not even be near her when she was panting and definitely no licking my face! When I first heard about a raw diet I thought I could give this a try. It was weird to think about a dog eat all raw meat, but the more I thought and researched the more benefits and positives I heard. The things in dry dog food are NOT good. It is like eating fast food as a human every single day. The problem with a raw diet is I did not want to go through the trouble of making fresh food every week and spending a lot of money at the store. Raw diets are said to have a TON of wonderful benefits for our pups including things like softer coats, weight loss, and BETTER TEETH! So after doing some research I decided Honest Kitchen was the best for me! I don’t have time to prep each week and go buy raw food. This was perfect for the average working person and very convenient. After several weeks I began to notice a huge difference! Her coat was softer, and her breath was much much better! I then started to notice her weight was coming right off too. The nice part about honest kitchen is you know exactly what you are feeding your dog and you can feel good knowing they are getting the nutrients they deserve which you cant always guarantee with kibble because most products are such a mystery. My motto is if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be eating it. The food even smells like turkey! I like to make it in advance for a few days and let it sit over night in the fridge to firm up. I noticed wonderful changes in my dog through feeding Honest Kitchen and can’t thank them enough for the huge change they made in our family! Raw diets can be really controversial because people are truly unsure of the positives and negatives. If you think about it though, dogs were meant to be eating all natural raw diets, not man made filler foods with scary ingredients within it. Honest Kitchen is a great brand who can transform your dog like it did mine. Now Lola is living a much happier and healthier life and I’m not as worried as I was about her future or life span. I know by eating Honest Kitchen she is consuming the best of the best and it comes with convenience for me as well. Also even though it looks like a little tiny box it expands with water and makes WAY more than expected! I am so happy, THANK YOU HONEST KITCHEN!
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