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French Bulldog — Age 9
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Lucy, my 9 year old Frenchie enjoying a raw meaty bone on a hot summer day!
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Sleeping in my favorite bean bag chair!
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Hanging out with my friend Trigger!
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Taking a siesta!
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I was bad ):
This is Lucy, our 9 year old French Bulldog. For years, Lucy has struggled with itchy skin and digestion problems. After hundreds of dollars in vet bills and no real answers we were discouraged. She was tested for allergies, given steroid shots, and went through countless amounts of bloodwork. We decided that it was time to look for a more natural approach to solving her problems, and we wouldn't regret it! We switched Lucy to a much more digestible diet, and she absolutely loves the Verve from The Honest Kitchen! She especially loves THK's treats though... Nuzzles are her favorite. After just 2 months, all of her fur grew back, and she no longer itches to the point of rubbing herself raw (: She is much healthier, and happier as well!
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