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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 1
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Lucy :)
When my husband and I first adopted Lucy, we thought all dogs ate commercial brand dog food and that's just how it was. After bringing Lucy home, I made my first trip to Petco and discovered just how LARGE the pet food industry is. All the different bags advertising different things. Naturally, I wanted to feed Lucy the best food possible while staying on budget, so I chose a high quality dry kibble for her. I was satisfied with this for awhile, but then found myself shifting to the "Lucy is a family member and I want to feed her like one" mindset. Thus, I found Honest Kitchen. We LOVE the food. I love knowing that I am giving Lucy healthy wonderful food. She also has food allergies, but hasn't had any problems with Zeal, which she's been eating for a few months now. Thank you, Honest Kitchen!
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