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Other (dog) — Age 5
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"I Love Beams more than anything!"
My name is Lucy and I have terrible allergies. My doctor did a test and found out the different foods that I am allergic too so my mommy went to the store and bought me all new foods and treats that don't have any ingredients that I am allergic to. One of the first treats she brought home were Beams and boy did I go crazy for them. My sister loves them too even though she doesn't have allergies like me. My mommy and daddy like them because they are only one ingredient and have helped me control my allergies. My daddy says I've gone nuts over the beams because I let him know when I want one and I don't do that for any other treats! He's an easy mark and always gives me a beam when I ask for it because he knows they are good for me. I just like the way they taste. That's my story - I Love Beams!
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