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Yorkshire Terrier — Age 2
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Happy girl!
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Top Left: In the rescue BL: Loves car rides TR: Roll in the mud BR: Pretty girl!
Lucy is a 1/2 Yorkie 1/4 Shih Tzu, 1/4 Belgian Malinois, rescue dog. We got her from a private rescue, that wasn't a great deal better than her previous situation as a stray. She cam home scrawny and wit kennel cough. She recovered from the Kennel Cough, and put on about two and a half pounds (25% of her starting weight!) However, Lucy was suffering from mysterious vomiting along with the accompanying lethargy and malaise off an on for at least six months. All her (now former) vet had to recommend was a daily ant-acid. Of course an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so I decided to look for a different food to see if that would help. After starting Lucy on Zeal, she stopped vomiting. One day I spilled some of her old food that I still feed to her garbage-disposal of a foster brother, she got some, then lo and behold she vomited shortly afterwards. So it was definitely her kibble, which was expensive and well regarded. We’re thankful to have figured out the cause, it makes life so much easier to not be on guard for the “I’m gonna puke” noise all the time.(Especially in the middle of the night) With her being on a reliably safe food, it has actually opened up her food and treat world because it's easier to try new stuff. Since there is no more seemingly random vomiting, we are able to try new treats one at a time and know that if she gets sick, that the new treat was the cause. Before we got it under control, Lucy got almost no treats because there was no way for me to know what was causing her to get sick. This all is reason enough to sing the praises of Honest Kitchen's food. I suspect though, that if Lucy could tell us, that her favorite part would be how delicious it is! She was never excited about meal time before, usually we had to bribe her with added pumpkin or broth. Now she lets me know if it's meal time and gets so excited when I am making her breakfast and dinner! I say it's "lose yo mind good food!" Thanks for doing what you do!
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