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Mastiff — Age 6
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6 year old rescue dog.

I am a cat person and I will tell you the story about how I was converted to the dog life.. it all started when my wife brought home a adolescent pit-bull female.. after all of the screaming and yelling and driving me back to the house after I left forever since we have a killer dog now..

much has changed. so much that we even have a bullmastiff female living here too as well. I really don't think the 6 cats realize they have dogs living with them.. its funny the big girls are not supposed to get along with each other either...but they all get along with each other and the cats amazingly. what is most profound is the change in behavior in me.

the female pibble Mali (Thai for jasmine) taught me trust... funny that a mean old aggressive human eating pibble taught me this. as it turns she is one of the most friendly loving dogs I have ever met. odd don't you say... I would trust her with my newborn child before I ever let a human.... even so she is gentle with the cats. she cares for them like newborn pups..

did I mention she was a lost stray. I really think some one just dumped her in the neibor hood.. yeah she eats stuff and doesn't like to mind at times. and trys to eat squirrels. (they always escape) but she is deserving of love and a good home... it amazes me how much she and her breed has changed my opinion of dogs. so much I was the one that chose to adopt the 6 year old mastiff... I even paid my self a very large sum of money for the privilege to do so...

it was love at first sight. for some reason I just love the appearance of the bullmastiff... but I was not aware she was abused by a male. that part too a while and several very bad bites...

and it was the pibble that made me see it was absolutely worth it to gain her trust. it became my duty to see she had the love of a man that she deserved before she left this mortal coil. just because of the amount of love this big girl has in her heart.

the first few bites I figured where my fault I did something to cause it... but when she finally bit me on the head dead asleep next to me I started putting a lot of things together... fast movements caused her to hunker down with a startled look at me... it became very easy to see she was afraid. and that fear was motivating her behavior... the last bite was very severe and ended me in the hospital.

and before I even told my wife I made a promise to lulu that we would work through this and that I forgave her.. now that I understood what was going on. it was my responsibility to help her through this crisis...

don't get me wrong I was afraid very afraid of her. so much I had pstd when I was around her.
I first had to accept and commit that I could get bit again and that this whole process was worth that risk.
another human did this to her and I would be damned if I cannot help her fix it. after I got home with 8 metal staples in my skull... I had some serious thinking to do about all of this...

the odd thing is after I got home I could see something was definitely wrong with lulu...
it was her eyes... not fear. but immense sorrow. it startled me to see how easy it was to see in her eyes.
she wanted to come to me... but I could see she would not.

that was then I decided we will work through this.

I just sat down on the floor and called to her..

she would hunker down and crawl a few steps and stop and cry.
I have never heard a animal cry like this.
guilt remorse sorrow it was all in her voice.
it took me thirty minutes of this to have her at my side.
she would just place her big bear head in my lap and cry.

that changed me as a person.

I had huge amounts of fear in me but if this dog could come to me like this laying down on her side with her head in my lap crying that she was sorry. then I could face mine as well.

I just picked her head up and placed it next to mine and told her I loved her and that she was family and this was her forever home. she would stay here till it was time to leave this earth. that she4 would never be given up again.

this was the start of the change.

from that day on she slept with me in my bed next to me.
I would work with her for hours before bed with her next to me just touching her and massaging her.
and talking to her like a person.

after some time of this you could see the change affecting her...

the first thing I noticed were her eyes.

they were now bright and open and calm when she looked at me and I am at a loss to explain it...
as if the tension between us dissolved.

and through my talking to her she started talking back to me.
I never noticed it because I was not physically close to her but she had been the whole time.
and now that I held her close to me tightly with my head on her chest.i could here her subvocally.,.
it was amazing to realize she was actually responding to me when I talked to her. sure not with words..
but with a tiny voice almost like a cry. every single time I would speak to her.

and then the big breakthrough came.

one morning just like all of the rest. the pibble came in and wanted some love.
lulu decided she had had enough of sharing me. and sat up and voiced her opinion of this...
walked over and all 125# of her sat on the pibbles head... and cried her head off for me to hold her...
ans]d promptly sat down in my lap...

yeah a mastiff sat in my lap..

rolled over on her back and went passive... waiting for me to rub her belly...

her personality was finally allowed to show.

it was the most humbling experience for me as a person.

she is a hugely emotional loving caring companion. and some one squashed this so badly with violence. but we finally broke through all of this.

she finally felt safe.

I will not say it was all me. not at all... my wife and pibble were instrumental in her recovery.

and lots of homemade dog food and treats as well.

now the dog that was afraid of men. was my constant companion. if she notices any attention from others gently walks over and plops right down between me and them demanding my love...

it is truly amazing and humbling to see a animal so afraid of something that she attacks with out notice to change 180' to a loving and faithful trusting companion. I know for a fact that had she been sent to a shelter she would have been put down.. and I am grateful for the experience I have gone through to have been a part of the process to rehabilitate this loving girl.. and I know for a fact that she would put her life down for me or my wife.
for a animal to show that she Is capable of having such a recovery speaks volumes for the breed.

pibble's and mastiffs are definitely the only ones that will be in my house...

and I would be unable to share with you just how much love and joy mali and lulu have brought into this home.

please help to stop animal abuse. do the right thing and report it.

a former cat master...

Robert in louisana.

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