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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Our friend Mac
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Mac cuddling his duck
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Mac is a beagle boxer mix and loves to play with his buddy Gus, an HK fan, too!
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Squirrel hunting! His beagle heritage shows up here.
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When he is lonely and anxious, he unleashes his beagle howl.
Mac joined our household about 2 years ago, after some early challenges with at least two different homes and a broken leg. He had spent a lot of time in a crate and had become intolerant of that, risking injury while attempting to break out. He is a great jumper so baby gates didn't contain him. He had significant issues with diarrhea initially and is still occasionally prone to bouts of loose stools but with the grain free foods (Marvel, Force and Brave) as well as Perfect Form and ProBloom, he has done really well. With the help of a calming collar and obedience classes, and time in a stable and calm home, he is able to stay home by himself for a few hours without getting overly anxious. Mac is a real cuddler and loves to hang out with us, although hunting squirrels and bunnies in the back yard or playing with one of his buddies are also favorite activities. He also loves to "cuddle" with his toys.
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