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Labrador Retriever — Age 9
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MacGyver, Miracle dog! Super sweet senior dog.
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Before (after 3 weeks of food), 39 lbs
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After. Healthy & happy at 100 lbs!
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Before (after 3 weeks of food), 39 lbs
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After. Healthy & adopted with his BFF.
We rescued MacGyver from a crowded shelter. He was severely emaciated (skin & bones, sunken eyes, only 39 lbs), flea infested, had major skin/ear infections and very neglected condition. He have been starved years. MacGyver had various scraps and missing fur from sitting on cement. he had severe atropy (muscle waste) from lack of movement (most likely were left in a cement dog pen).
Yet despite years of suffering, he is very friendly and sweet. We provided him with full vet care and fed him "Thrive" Honest Kitchen with other supplements. After several months of great food and TLC at his loving foster home, he fully recovered and now weights 100 lbs!!!! MacGyver is now super happy and healthy!

We feed Honest Kitchen food to all our special medical needy dogs (mange, emaciated, infections)
and they all recover with healthy great food!
Our Miracle Club dogs/cats:

Big thanks Honest Kitchen for your super holistic great food!
We love you!!!!!

Furry Friends Rescue
Fremont, CA
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  2. Smooches - Chicken Bite Sized Cookies

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