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Macie May

Havanese — Age 1
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Diner with the Honest Kitchen is a marvel of love.
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I'm Waiting for my Diner! Honest!
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Happy 4th of July :)


My name is Macie May, I just had my first Birthday! I remember there was this one time that I ate some treats with preservatives and some food that was not mine; YUCK! The treats and food made me soooo sick; now if I smell that stuff I just walk away. I have a very sensitive stomach and I get sick easily. I can't eat just anything you know! My owners feed me the honest kitchen...they did a lot of research on the best food for me. I am glad they did. It is the yummiest food on the planet! I just lay in wait (that's me in the picture waiting) for them to make my plate of food. I like the beef; but the chicken and turkey are my all time favorites. My favorite treats you say? Well that would be the Beams. I just RLH - "thats short for "run like Havanese!" when I get a Beam. I also like the proper toppers and the wishes. I have told several of my friends about the honest kitchen and they love it too! Isn't it great when we can 'embark' on a visit with each other; we just 'love' to 'marvel' over diner.

I just know if you try it you will love it too!

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