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Beagle — Age 6
Story picture
Story picture
Before (left) and after (right) we rescued Mack. See the change in his eyes.

We adopted Mack in May, 2014. Mack had been in the "system" for a long time...four months at a Beagle Rescue and three months at our local shelter. Mack did not "show" very well. He seemed aloof and uninterested in people.

And who could blame him? From what we pieced together from veterinary records and the Beagle Rescue, Mack had been abused and abandoned and lived the desperate life of a stray. As a stray, he contracted Lyme Disease and was infested with fleas and ticks and internal parasites. After he was found, he was sold as unwanted property on Craig's List without any veterinary intervention. From what we can tell from his medical records, the buyer soon gave Mack away (apparently, the veterinarian costs were prohibitive). At this point, a young couple took him in and loved him, so he must have been feeling better. But then they had a baby, and they surrendered Mack to a Beagle Rescue. Mack had to have been crushed by leaving his new family...he finally felt safe and secure, and then they got rid of him. As I stated earlier, Mack then stayed for four months at the Beagle Rescue, and then three months at our local shelter. The last two weeks at the shelter, Mack lived in a foster home. In that short time, he got very attached to his foster mum (no wonder, the poor little guy). And then we took him away from her. I suspect that, in the beginning, he probably thought we were going to dump him, given his history.

Needless to say, Mack has come a long, long, way. He is so happy and well adjusted now. Initially, the history of Lyme Disease, his lifeless coat, and poor health (he had worms when we adopted him) made it imperative that my wife and I choose the absolute best food for Mack. His well being is just so important to us. This is why we turned to The Honest Kitchen, the only human-grade food on the market. Mack is the picture of health today.

Thank you Honest Kitchen, for giving our sweet Mack his wonderful health! He has come a long way indeed.

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