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Other (dog) — Age 6
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Maggie Smith MacKenzie - one wonderful friend!
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Mag and her orange ball...
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Maggie looking for her orange ball...
Maggie is alpha dog, but she doesn't really care. Tops on her list of favorites are an orange and blue ball, her place on the bed, walkies in the woods, and her food dish. She had digestion issues of one type or another since she was a puppy. We always sought the best quality food for her in the hope that she would find the food as interesting as playing with her ball, including food we made for her.

Time to make food for her became an issue and so we looked for dog food that had good quality. A friend mentioned that her corgie liked Honest Kitchen and told me to give it a try. The local pet supply store carries it and I was told that it was returnable if Maggie didn't like it. Three years later she is still loving it - almost as much as that ball! She has not walked away from her dish once since we started with Honest Kitchen.

Two other bonuses - it smells great and - no cans!
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