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Golden Retriever — Age 3
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Maggie- a few days after we brought her home
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We adopted Maggie after we lost our beloved golden retriever, Gracie, to cancer at age 9. Maggie is an absolutely wonderful member of our family, and we want her to have the best food we can provide. Honest Kitchen fills that bill for us. I found Honest Kitchen when I visited our local pet store and told them about Maggie's itchiness of her paws and ears, as well as her disinterest in the kibble we'd been feeding her. They recommended Honest Kitchen, and it has been wonderful. Her itching is gone completely. Her coat is beautiful. And Maggie LOVES her meal times again. It is great to see her so happy. We rotate Embark and Force, and we've recently begun using the pre-mix, Kindly. She loves all of them, and I love preparing them. (Surprisingly, they smell wonderful!!)

The early passing of our previous dog led me to think more critically about even the highest quality kibble. I love that HK is simply dehydrated fresh food. I love that they are careful and transparent about the sources of their ingredients, and I love that they are committed to humanely raised farmed animals. Finally, I appreciate their wonderful customer service. Our family feels very fortunate to have found Honest Kitchen!
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