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The Girls

American Shorthair — Age 2
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In Oct. of 2011 we were driving home from dinner one night when we saw these 2 tiny kittens on the roadside. Their mom was dead in the road with another kitten, the saddest thing ever.

We pulled over and instantly one of the kittens ran to my son, the other was a bit more reluctant but eventually went to my husband. For roadside orphans and probably ferrel cats it was very surprising when they came running! They grew fast and took over the house, 2 calico girls. We named them Mango & BlueBerry! I also have a 9 yr old female named Flannel, who was not so happy about this situation.

A year passed and one day I got my new box of HK samples that I do demos with. I decided to see if the girls would like the Prowl......well I think I created monsters!! They were like sharks after bait, OMG they dove in the bowl and screamed for more!! I was surprised as my older cat didnt like it. Well I bought the girls a big box of Prowl and every morning as soon as my eyes open they run up me and get in my face. They run screaming to the kitchen and run to the sink because they know I have to add lie, I cannot even have coffee! They like it hot!! well the day I ran out of Prowl I gave them Embark because they were screaming so much, they love that too!! so every morning they run screaming to the sink to watch me make the food and chow down.

They have their own followers on fb and get into more trouble than I can keep up with. They weigh 12 lbs each and are still growing at 1.5 yrs old. They are wonderful and we love them so much, what luck to find such wonderful cats on the side of the road, our babies now!!!
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