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Poodle — Age 17
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Marko a good old boy. 17 years young.
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Our family last summer
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Marko & Benny recently
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Marko at camp last summer
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Marko at Christmas
Marko has always had a delicate stomach and frequent ear infections. He is a pet not a show dog but he comes from healthy stock, both of Marko's parents were Champions. Marko has outlived 2 younger rescue dogs; a white poodle who died at 5 years old from kidney failure and a shiz-tu who died at about 5 years old of kidney failure. Then along came Benny a rescue yorkiepoo. If we lose Benny to kidney failure at 5 years old the whole world will collapse. Benny is somewhere between 3 & 6 years old so I started to investigate dog foods since so many were having recalls.
Back to Marko. Marko has ear antibiotic I can order for him on an as needed bases, he was having ear infections about 3 times a year. He has been taking pain medication for arthritis for 9 years and pepcid for his stomach almost that long. In December we found Honest Kitchen they eat the smallest recommended amount and also have some dry food for snacking. The first thing I noticed was Marko stoped vomiting and had no bloody BMs. so in February I stopped his pepcid. He has had 1 vomiting episode since then, it is now May. About 3 years ago the vet stopped the micardis and started him on tramadol due to the bloody BMs. Last month we decided to stop the tramadol. He still sleeps most of the day he is 17, but he likes to walk around in the yard. We have decided that as long as he still likes to walk we will keep him off the pain medication. He teeth hurt so he can't chew dry dog food so we keep tiny kibble he can swallow whole and he gets meat left overs too. But changing his diet to honest kitchen is like a miracle at my house. And hopefully Benny will live a long life too. They eat chicken & turkey so far. i am expecting beef and chicken to be delivered tomorrow.
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