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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 2
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I got Marley at the shelter when he was 3 months old. I thought, since he was so young, that he would acclimate well and not have too many "issues." However, he is such a skittish dog! He hates car rides and meeting new people and places. After awhile he calms down and plays and cuddles, but during his scared moments, he will not accept food. In car rides I've tried giving him treats to calm him down and at doggy daycare, but he won't accept any food until he's calm...until Honest Kitchen! I just recently ordered the blueberry cookies and I kid you not, when we got in the car and he started shaking, I placed a cookie in front of him and after a couple inquisitive seconds, Marley ate the treat! I have tried this twice and each time he has accepted the treat! I am hoping that this new intervention will help Marley enter a new/unfamiliar environment with more confidence!
Thanks Honest Kitchen!
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