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Jack Russell Terrier — Age 9
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Marzipan, king of the creek, and protector of the land.
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He's a hockey player now!
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In the truck, going to his favorite place and favorite word : FARM!
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Loving his farm life, and kids!
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Snugged up, in a hiding place, totally jack Russell move

My dog has always had allergies, and I've tried EVERYTHING to help him. Finally after sneezing his whole life knocked in his front teeth on the tile of our kitchen. They were really bruised and we had to take him in to have them removed. He would not eat or drink anything during his injury time. Poor guy. I fed him eggs, yoghurt, cottage cheese, frozen chicken stock, literally Anything I could do to convince him to eat. It just hurt too much. Until I went into poudre pet and feed supply, and was recommended to try the honest kitchen. He immediately gulped it down! He usually weights around 19 lbs, he was down to 13 lbs before he started the honest kitchen. I could see the bones in his face and body. I cried almost everyday thinking my dog was giving up. Now he's feeling great. Going to the farm to work with us, chasing grasshopper, mice, snakes, and has taught himself how to hold a ball in his mouth without his front teeth. I will continue to keep my dogs on this amazing food. I work on a produce farm and truly care about what I eat, it should be the same standard for my pets.

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