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Labradoodle — Age 1
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Please... may I have some more?!

Matilda is our 14 week old Labradoodle puppy. She arrived with a bag of kibble from the breeder, and very runny poops. So we talked to the vet, moved to chicken and rice, added pumpkin and probiotics - none of the things we tried seemed to help. Then our breeder recommended Perfect Form from The Honest Kitchen. We began to see improvement right away, but still we suspected that the kibble was just not working for her. So we tried Embark and had immediate improvement. She loves it! Licks her bowl clean and then goes and waits by the cabinet where the Embark is stored, just hoping perhaps she could have more.
Over the Christmas holiday, she ate something that disagreed with her, and threw up her whole breakfast and any water we had given her. She soon was dehydrated and lethargic. We made a small soupy mix of Embark, which she lapped right up, and very quickly she was her perky little self. We fed her four small servings of soupy Embark through the day and by the next morning she was just fine. We are pretty convinced that the Embark helped her rehydrate after being sick, and gave her the nutrition she needed to get well. We are also sure that, had we not had the Embark, we would have been making an emergency run to the Veterinary hospital.
We are very happy to be serving Matilda a food that we feel confident is nourishing and really good for her. Thank you!

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