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Mixed Breed (cat) — Age 12
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Max lives with his litter-mates and we have had them all from birth. We used to think we were treating them well. We would feed them what we thought was the best food from the grocery store.

All of the cats vomited daily, and not just hairballs. The popular pet foods made them ill! Their urine was terribly strong and dark, the list could go on...

I was researching foods that would be beneficial to their general health and of course their longevity (unfortunately 9 years after having fed them junk) and found THK Prowl at a local pet supply store.

I had NO idea that they shouldn't naturally be devouring water as they did. Now they rarely drink water from the bowl, their fur is beautifully soft and shiny, and they are in such amazing health--no more vomiting and their urine is light and not so smelly.

I would never feed them anything but THK or raw organic again.
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