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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 17
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Poor Max has always had problems. After being rescued, many years ago, he has had a weak heart, bitten by a rattlesnake, food allergies, etc. But he has always seemed to pull through...clearly, he's 17 years old. Last year, he started having seizures. After blood tests, x-rays and an MRI, the vet diagnosed Max with the following: a brain tumor, arthritis everywhere (worse in his spine), heart failure, and liver failure. I was devastated. You couldn't get much worse than this.
The vet said that we couldn't treat everything that was wrong with fact, the meds would probably kill him. So he told us that the best thing to do was to keep him out of pain until he either died or needed to be put down. Max was given 4 months to live, at best.
We put him on the pain meds...but I wasn't stopping there. I gave him some vitamins and changed his food...The Honest Kitchen Preference. I added yogurt or egg for the protein.

It's been a year....Max is still alive! And he's actually doing well too. He's old, but he is happy. He eats on his own, walks on his own....does everything that a dog would do (just a little slower, lol).

At his 3 month check up, the vet couldn't believe how Max looked and acted. He asked what I was doing. The blood tests even showed improvement! This was the same at his 6 month check up and his one year check up!
Max has had 4 seizures in a year!! Rather than 4 seizures a day!!!

This food is amazing! It literally saved my dog's life.
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