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Labrador Retriever — Age 3
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Maxine is an 80 lb, 3 year old Lab mix rescue. She has had digestive issues which include bouts of diarrhea & lots of gas. Her skin was also dry & flaky. I fed her the best, grain free kibble & never overfed. Nothing made any difference. My constant research led me to the Honest Kitchen products. I wanted to start cooking my own food for Maxine & was intrigued by the "base-mix" formula that would allow me to do this while providing the complete nutrition she needs. I was amazed that the loose stools stopped immediately & have never returned! I now also use the HK Complete formulas for convenience, but I still add a little extras as recommended. I also give her 1 or 2 raw recreational bones per week & she does fine with them. I wish I had become better educated earlier!

Thank you, Honest Kitchen, for making such a huge difference in the health of our furry family member!
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