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Other (dog) — Age 8
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Mikey and Jasper
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Mikey's allergic reaction
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Mikey still has swollen, red eyes
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Mikey and Jasper-
Mikey and Jasper are our 8 year old Lhasa Apso pups. At about three years old, they were both diagnosed with severe food allergies and in addition Jasper tested positive for environmental allergies. Our vet placed them on a prescription diet and Jasper was given allergy shots to be administered weekly. Mikey's eyes were constantly red, irritated and swollen. He was miserable with the itching and discomfort. He was administered Benedryl and prednisone pills to treat the symptoms. Jasper looked better visually- however because of the weekly shots- he was actually more miserable. He was undergoing monthly regimens of anti-biotics, prednisone and Benedryl. Our vet bills were mounting- once reaching over $1700 a month for tests and treatments and nothing seemed to help. This ritual became unbearable. We kept the allergy serum in the refrigerator and when we would open the door - Jasper would run and hide. He screeched when administered the shots and became scared when we would take him in the car to the vet or even hold him fearing we were going to hurt him. They were both losing weight. On a visit from California, my daughter-in-law, Tanya and my son, Ed, got to see the food we were prescribed. They saw the lack of interest shown by both our pups. Tanya literally sat on the floor and tried to feed Jasper the food one kibble at a time. He ate a few and then refused to eat. Of course they told us about Honest Kitchen- Ed worked in your California offices at that time. We were desperate to help our dogs - we needed to find food our dogs could eat that was not all just cereal fillers. But more than that we wanted food that could help restore their good health- food they would love. I called your office to discuss our dogs and to help us make an educated choice as to the best food choice for our pups. I was given guidance by your staff who listened patiently while I told of their health issues. Mikey and Jasper have been on Keen for 4 years and the transformation has been unbelievable. Mikey's eyes have cleared up and he shows no symptoms of the allergies he once had. Jasper no longer gets shots and that has improved his life beyond measure. They both maintain a healthy weight and a healthy appetite. Now they eagerly wait for the timer each time their food is rehydrating. Honest Kitchen provides a food that has literally changed our lives!
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