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Dachshund — Age 3
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Milo all ready for the big game!
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Milo and his big brother buddy hanging out at the park
Milo was always a happy, spunky little boy until he was about 1 1/2 years old. Around this time milo started having seizures, at first they were not all that bad. They were pretty minor, only lasting a few seconds, and they didn't happen very often. So I took him to the vet, and all I was told was that when I feel they are getting "too bad" to put him on medication. The vet wouldn't even tell me what too bad was, he said I needed to decide that for myself. So I waited and the seizures got worse, they were longer and happened more often. About once a week. I was so terrified, and I could not stand to see my little baby like this. So I took my him to a different vet this time. I was told the exact same thing. They said I could put him on meds if I wanted, but If I did decide to milo would have to stay on them for the rest of his life. the vet also said I could get some pricy brain scans, but even if they found something all they would do is put him on medication. I just couldn't bear the thought of my little baby being put on these drugs for the rest of his life. Since I didn't know what was even causing his seizures I decided to just go hunting for some unconventional advice before I put milo on meds. I found a lot of other people whose small dogs had seizures from what they thought were caused by cheap processed food. Well that's what my little milo had been eating all his life! So I thought getting him on some gluten and grain free food might help and I knew it couldn't harm him so I went for it. I came across the honest kitchen about 6 months ago and purchased a box of preference and a box of force. Milo was 2 1/2 at the time and was having pretty bad seizures at least once a week. Milo had his last seizure 4 days before he started eating his new food . He has not had a single seizure in 6 months!! I am so amazed and so thankful. Although I can not say for sure that it was this change in food that helped him. But I truly believe that it is what has helped him. I know that no vet would admit that a change in food would stop seizures or cure epilepsy, but all that matters to me is that my milo is healthy and happy again.
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