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Shiba Inu — Age 10
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she was always on guard and peed if you got to close not anymore
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sleeping but listening
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normal ready (resting) stance
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snoring but that ear is still at the ready
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so content ..woke her up and she raised her head and went back out

when i met mimi years ago she would pee if i tried to pick her up and yelp bloody murder. after taking her into our home last year she was still the very skittish and very loose bowled, always expecting the worst . even laying down in the living room one ear would always be up and she was always quick to follow the kids or the wife where ever they went recently we had to have most of her teeth removed. i went on a search for a food that would be eating with out the need for much chewing.. that is a picture of her 10 minutes after her first dish of base mix with some halibut from dinner. i had to leave the the food on the floor and leave the room before she started eating because it smelled and tasted (yes i at a spoon of it) like a dinner. and she must have been confused but didn't want to give up a big score. i have never seen her that relaxed I' m sold first night

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