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Bulldog — Age 4
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Minnie was diagnosed with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and had developed PLE (protein losing enteropathy) condition from the disease. She was very sick for months, lost almost 10 pounds and almost all her muscle, she could barely walk without falling. It was beyond heartbreaking to watch her go through this and nothing we tried seemed to help. Four different vets all tried putting her on prescription dog food and I was assured each one was better than the last and would definitely help her. Wrong, nothing did, if anything made her worse. We have always fed her a high quality dry kibble (Zignature) but even that was not enough. I finally found a vet that recommended the Honest Kitchen Zeal, we ordered it immediately and saw improvement within days. She is still on some medications but we are hoping we will get to suspend those soon. Zeal formula has played a huge role in saving our dogs life, we are forever grateful and she will be a Honest Kitchen dog for life!!! Plus she absolutely loves it. Thank you Honest Kitchen!!!!
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