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American Shorthair — Age 2
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Meet Moakie!
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Meet Moakie!
Moakie is one of our cute little rescues! At her young age she is facing surgery soon to extract 3 to 5 teeth! We needed to find something she could eat while she heals, so we got a sample of Grace (Turkey Recipe). She loves it! We've been looking at both The Honest Kitchen and Primal. After calculating cost and weight, Honest Kitchen is the winner! We are excited to be receiving our first shipment for this little girl! Even now, I have an empty sample pack on my desk and she is trying to open it up and begging for me to feed her. Unfortunately, she will have to wait! As for us? We are so happy to have found a winner for her future meals! Please pray all goes well for her during surgery and that she will heal quickly.
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