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French Bulldog — Age 2
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No more runny poos!
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Mochi is turning 2 years old this month (July 20, 2014) and ever since I brought him home as a puppy he has suffered from digestive issues. This includes room-clearing gas, vomiting, regurgitation, diarrhea, runny poos, and loss of appetite. I have never fed him low-quality dog food and have cycled through numerous high-end brands such as Taste of the Wild, Nutrisca, Nature's Variety, and others in an attempt to correct the digestive issues. I finally found a great probiotic from Herbsmith which helped a lot but he still had runny poos and the occasional regurgitation. But the biggest problem was the lack of appetite (or so I thought.) Every 2-4 days he would simply not touch his food for the whole day even though I know he is hungry (I know this because he would sniff at his untouched food and attempt to eat it but eventually back away as if he was too disgusted to eat.) At this point I knew I needed to make a change.

I gradually transitioned him off the kibble and after just 2 months of feeding him Honest Kitchen (his favorite is Preference and Zeal), the difference is just amazing! No runny poos. His poo has been consistently firm. So far no regurgitation either which used to happen 2-3 times a month. He is also so excited about his food now. He sits and watches me make his food every time and rushes to his bowl every time I serve his meal. AND clean bowls every single time! He had not missed a meal ever since we switched him off kibble. I can't tell you how much I am so in love with Honest Kitchen! Mochi is so much happier and healthier and I love that his food does not smell like dog food. We will never go back to kibble again!
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