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Moe & Tim

American Shorthair — Age 8
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Moe and Timmy
Dear Honest Kitchen,
Thank you for creating Prowl! My 2 kitties, Moe the sandy colored one has IBS and is very underweight.. Timmy the black and white one is quite overweight. Finding a diet to accommodate both needs has been impossible. I was most concerned for Moe, who has suffered with IBS for years. He had diarrhea multiple times daily and was just fur and bones. I researched and tried many different types of food, gluten free, grain free, wet, dry. Nothing helped, until I tried Prowl. Moe and Timmy have been on Prowl exclusively for 1 month. I feed them twice daily. Moe has not had 1 episode of diarrhea and he is starting to gain a little weight. Timmy is even losing a little weight because he is not grazing on cruncy food all day. It was not love at first bite for them but now they let me know when it is feeding time by meowing at me constantly until I feed them. Moe even jumps up on the counter and tries to eat from the box while I am preparing their food. And for the first time in 5 years Timmy was able to jump up on the counter too! I can't express my gratitude enough! Thank you, Thank you Thank you! I also have 2 dogs and they are now on Halycon. We are an Honest Kitchen Family.
Mary, Moe, Timmy, Zoie and Phoebe >^..^<
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