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German Shepherd — Age 3
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Molly in Carmel
Molly seemed to have digestive issues since she was a puppy. Frequent diarrhea and very soft stool. She had two cases of giardia, itchy skin, and inflammation on her paws. After the giardia was cured, the vet though Molly had allergies. We attempted to go on a 6 weeks trial of eating on one kind of food, but after about a week, Molly had enough of that. We've given her almost every brand of high end kibble and prescription diet kibble. It seemed like every 3 weeks she would get diarrhea, from the description of her stools, the vet said Molly had colitis. On the prescription food, stools were still soft.

I tried a homemade diet and things improved, her colitis got better. Concerned about having a well balanced diet, I did internet searches on homemade diets which eventually led me to a German Shepherd Forum and other breed forums where I saw the brand, The Honest Kitchen pop up and also raw food diets. After reading about THK, their food seemed similar to a homemade diet with the bonus of added nutrition. So we bought some of THK and gave this for her evening meal, her morning was still kibble. We saw improvements right away, normal, well formed stools and no frequency. After about 4 months,, I just stopped the kibble completely and now I use The Honest Kitchen and some frozen prepared raw. It's been just over a year that we've stopped kibble and Molly has had only 2-3 colitis flare ups, after unusually stressful events, but they clear up quickly. We have not been to the vet for any GI or skin issues. I am so glad we found The Honest Kitchen, we now have a healthy dog. I can sleep through the night - Molly no longer has to nose me to take her out at 1am or worst yet, wake up to "accidents" on our downstairs floors. Molly has enjoyed Zeal, Embark, Force and Verve.
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