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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 7
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Our new girl Molly
We adopted Molly at the No-Kill Los Angeles festival this past weekend. She was quite introverted at the park - which isn't surprising, since there were so many people, barking dogs, and chaos all around. We saw glimpses of her sparkling personality, but didn't get to see the real Molly until we got her home. She bolted through our doggy door (she knows how to use it, yay!) and immediately began mapping out our house, methodically going from room to room. She traced the perimeter of every room, and then came back to us and gave us a look like, okay, I'm home, thanks! She immediately made herself at home, and over the past few days she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Turns out, she's already housebroken, and she knows some basic commands. There are some great perks to adopting a slightly older dog, for sure!

Molly wanted nothing to do with the kibble they gave us when we adopted her.. Our neighborhood groomer/pet store gave us some samples of Embark, and she gobbled up both packs. I went back and bought a box of the Force, and she loves it just as much. I'm stirring in a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil (to help her coat & skin), and she licks the bowl clean every time. Molly loves Honest Kitchen, and I love that the ingredients are real and ethically sourced. Thanks, THK!
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